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Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic that adheres to logs and stretches to maintain a tight seal by following the log movement. It is flexible, textured chinking that seals the open gaps between logs to eliminate heat loss and air infiltration plus keeping out bugs, bats and mice. 

The stain we use is Lifeline Ultra-2, it is a two coat application that helps to ensure consistent colour on your walls. From the day that it is applied it will give your home many years of durability.

Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin is a protective clear coat that adds clarity and depth to the wood. Advance Gloss or Satin
makes a smooth surface that repels dirt and dust, making your home easier to clean, it is breathable, waterborne and easy to work with. A good way to see if it is time to recoat is to spray a little water on your logs, if it beads it is good still, but if the wood under the coat is wet, time to recoat. Some walls will be sooner as sun and the elements can and will be harmful to your home. It should be tested every two-three years.

All home's that we stain get Log End Seal, it protects the end-grain of the wood which is vulnerable,drawing moisture into the wood.

Log End Seal provides a durable, water-repellent barrier against sun, snow, rain. 

All the products we use are from Perma Chink, they have a great informative web site, please use our link to them and read about all the great products that will make your home be all that it can be.

All the homes we chink are chinked around the windows and doors plus corners, some people leave these areas, If left un-chinked, these become places where bugs,mice,bats,hornets,water and air can make its way into the home. 

Chinking comes in eight different colours - The choice of colour is a personal choice of the homeowner. Some homeowners love the contrast and some do not, so it is your wants that are met.

Maintaining your log home properly keeps your log home in great shape for many years,dry rot, failing, graying finishes,bug and rodent problems and unprotected logs can and will take many years off your log home's life.   

What to watch for in your log home check up.

I recommend that you do this twice or more a year, and it is easy as just walking around your home.
  • Keep trees trimmed and away from the logs, all plants should be two feet away from walls and your sprinkler not touching the walls when on. If a automatic one, test in the spring to make sure.  
  • Any leaks inside your home when it rains should be repaired pronto. 
  • Make sure that water is not splashing on your logs.
  • Make sure your eave troughs are clean and not leaking.
  • Watch for fine sawdust on logs, sawdust=ants,termites or other little bugs, deal with it fast.
  • Is there wood for your fireplace right beside the home, move and clean up wood mulch, which mice,bugs love.
  • When you go for your walk really look at your home, the logs, are they getting grey in one spot more that others Why? investigate. Watch for mouse,mole holes and scat, are the bats moving in?
Is my finish still looking great? if not why?
Have the woodpeckers come calling, plastic owls do well but must be moved often or they figure it is fake fast.

We recommend washing your home twice a year, spring and fall, as dirt and dust act like sandpaper and wear down your finish. Have a book and record everything from year to year, pictures help as then no second guessing.

Taking the time to protect your home is better than a big expense later.

When we do a quote we have the homeowners with us, on the walk around, we point out problems and explain it. Many have questions and you should, It is nice to be able point out and talk about the problems when seen.

We have fixed up many bad jobs from other people, please go look at their last jobs, phone references, ask around. I always tell my potential clients to go on line and do some homework before we show up, it makes sense to know a bit about we are telling you, the more you know the less likely you will get a bad contractor. If they do not want you around when doing a quote worry. Many of us take much pride in our work and you can tell by our web sites and references.

If you have any questions please email us and I will answer them for you.